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Volume 38, Number 3
March/April 2017

Focus: Genius

Gina Masucci MacKenzie's Introduction to Focus: Genius

Daniel T. O'Hara reviews Catherine Malabou, Carolyn Shread, trans. of Before Tomorrow

Eric Savoy's "Why, Oh Why?"

Robert T. Tally, Jr.'s "An Anagogical Education"

Tina Barr's "White Target"

Gina Masucci MacKenzie reviews Lin-Manuel Mirada and Jeremy McCarter's Hamilton: The Revolution

Daniel Rosenberg Nutters reviews Mark Edmundson's Why Write?

Jeffrey R. Di Leo's "Publishing Genius"

Feature: Cover Lover

Robert Kramer reviews Richard Schiffman and Simon Perchik, What the Dust Doesn't Know and The B Poems

Laurel Kallen reivews Pamela L. Laskin's Ronit & Jamil

Andrew DOrkin reviews Vinciane Despret, Brett Buchanan, trans., What Would Animals Say If We Asked the Right Question?

Karen Corinne Herceg reviews Jorge Armenteros's Air

Book Reviews

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright reviews Michael McClure's Mephistos & Other Poems

Mitch Highfall reviews Michael Gottlieb's What We Do

Kevin Catalano reviews D. Foy's Patricide

Stephanie Rauschenbusch reviews Sabra Moore's Openings

Iris Lee Stoler reviews Daniel Shapiro's Women at the Cusp of Twilight

Katie James reviews Jaimee Wriston Colbert's Wild Things

Luanne Smith reviews Valerie Bandura's Freak Show

Holly Brown reviews Petra Kuppers's Pearl Stitch

Charles Alexander reviews Curtis Faville and Robert Griener, eds., The Collected Poems of Larry Eigner

Christopher A.P. Nelson reviews Ron Cooper's The Gospel of the Twin

Jill Powers reviews Jen George's The Babysitter at Rest

Marc Jampole reviews Joe Dolce's Brave New Weed


Page 2 -- Jeffrey R. Di Leo's "The Writer Who Tried to Save the World"

From Our Own -- Jacob Oliver reviews Joseph D. Haske's North Dixie Highway

Scenes -- Two Lines Press -- An interview with CJ Evans


Featured Reviews

Book cover of Michael McClure's Mephistos and Other Poems
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright reviews
Michael McClure's
Mephistos & Other Poems

Book cover of Michael Gottlieb's What We Do
Mitch Highfall reviews
Michael Gottlieb's
What We Do

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