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Volume 26, Number 1
November/December 2004

Ron Sukenick Remembered

Ron Sukenick Remembered

Ron Up & Out & Blown Away like a Cloud That Changes as It Goes
Raymond Federman’s

Vex'd Pig Hymn Waltz Fuck Bjorsq
Mark Amerika

Ego and the Sublime: Rereading Sukenick
R.M. Berry

Skywriting or Up Up and Away
Michael Anania

Ron's Message from the Great Divide
Marcel Cornis-Pope

Reading Ron
Kass Fleisher

Ron Gone?
Steve Katz

Down (But Not Out) Larry McCaffery Ron's Pages
Brian McHale

The Difficult Imagination
Lance Olsen

In Memory of Ron Sukenick
Eric Miles Williamson

More Memories
Joe Amato. Ricardo Cortez Cruz, Jeffrey DeShell, Charles B. Harris, Russell Hoover, Robert C. Jones, Jerry Klinkowitz, Richard Kostelanetz, Clarence Major, Cris Mazza, Rochelle Ratner, Marthew Roberson, Norman Rush, Charles Russell, Mart Samet, D.N. Stuefloten, Martin Washburn, and Curtis White

Books by Ronald Sukenick

Book Reviews

Murakami's Malevolent World
K. Malcolm Richards reviews In the Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami

Arc of Life
Mary Beth Ryan-Maher reviews Wednesday: New and Selected Poems by Laurel Blossom

Rethinking Zion
Mark Jay Mirsky reviews Wrestling with Zion: Progressive Jewish-American Responses to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict edited by Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon

Beyond Irony
Trey Strecker reviews Oblivion: Stories by David Foster Wallace

Two Cheers
Barry Wallenstein reviews An Honest Writer: The Life and Times of James T. Farrell by Robert K. Landers

Back-to-the-Land Dreams
Paula Koneazny reviews Homeland by Cris Mazza

Until the Ordinary Shook with Grace
Floyd Skloot reviews The Burning World by Robert Gibb

Exhausted Sequels
Chris Semansky reviews Human Crying Daisies by Ray Gonzalez

Serpent's Tale
Paul Oppenheimer reviews Mysteries of the Snake Goddess: Art, Desire, and the Forging of History by Kenneth Lapatin

Fallen out of Being
Keith Leslie Johnson reviews The Wavering Knife by Brian Evenson

Narratives of Information
Stephen Burn reviews Vanishing Point by David Markson

Scarlatti and Crematoria
Walter Hess reviews The Hand upon His Head: Selected Poems 1947-2003 by Arthur Gregor

All the Lonely People
Jeff Sartain reviews Stranger than Fiction: True Stories by Chuck Palahniuk

Going for the Jugular
Regina Weinreich reviews Down and Dirty Pictures: Miramax, Sundance, and the Rise of Independent Film by Peter Biskind

Building a Better Beat Generation
John Lardas reviews Reconstructing the Beats edited by Jennie Skerl

Love Letter from a Lost World
Marilyn Kallet reviews Sleeping Late on Judgment Day by Jane Mayhall

Postmodern Heretics and the Catholic Church
Corinne Robins reviews Postmodern Heretics: The Catholic Imagination in Contemporary Art by Eleanor Heartney


The Green Guide to Cinema on DVD and Tape by Philip Green

Rants & Raves
Letters to the editors


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