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Volume 30, Number 2
January/February 2009


Zahi Zalloua's “Introduction to Focus: Posthumanism”

Robert Tobin reviews Kim Toffoletti's Cyborgs and Barbie Dolls: Feminism, Popular Culture and the Posthuman Body

Katherine Saunders Nash reviews Donna J. Haraway's When Species Meet

James Zeigler reviews Leonard Lawlor's This Is Not Sufficient: An Essay on Animality and Human Nature in Derrida

Friederike von Schwerin-High reviews Sherryl Vint's Bodies of Tomorrow: Technology, Subjectivity, Science Fiction

C. Namwali Serpell reviews Bruce Clarke's Posthuman Metamorphosis: Narrative and Systems

Brian O'Keeffe reviews Michel Serres's The Parasite

Feature: Art/Translation/Poetry

Annie Finch reviews Oriole Farb Feshbach and Wallace Stevens's Luminations: Images by Oriole Farb Feshbach for the Poem “The Auroras of Autumn” by Wallace Stevens

Marilyne Bertoncini reviews Vénus Khoury-Ghata's Nettles and Guy Goffette's Charlestown Blues: Selected Poems

Shoshana Olidort reviews Paul Celan's Snow Part/Schneepart

Lisa Wilde reviews Jan Owen's Poems 1980-2008

Book Reviews

Rob Johnson reviews Jack Hirschman's All That's Left

Steve Tomasula reviews Deb Olin Unferth's Vacation

Jeffrey R. Di Leo reviews Harold Jaffe's Jesus Coyote

Dinda L. Gorlée reviews Daniel Heller-Roazen's Echolalias: On the Forgetting of Language

John Domini reviews Roy Kesey's All Over

Charles Suhor reviews Samuel Charters's A Trumpet around the Corner: The Story of New Orleans Jazz

Steve Davenport reviews Richard Howard's Without Saying: New Poems

Robert Glick reviews Kevin Sampsell's Creamy Bullets

Doris Barkin reviews Pat Falk's Crazy Jane

Scott Elliott reviews David Crouse's The Man Back There and Other Stories

Benjamin S. Grossberg reviews John Olson's Backscatter: New and Selected Poems


Page 2-Jeffrey R. Di Leo's “Publishing Smarts”

Scenes-Starcherone Books

From Our Own-Christopher Shipman reviews Andrei Codrescu's Jealous Witness

LineOnLine-Where the Wind Blew, It was a terrible cloud at twilight, A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: Four Chapbooks of Short Short Fiction by Four Women, Blind Rain, American Fractal, and Crazy Love


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