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Volume 30, Number 4
May/June 2009

Why Teach Creative Writing?

“Introduction to Focus: Why Teach Creative Writing?”

Lee K. Abbott's “Delightful Jibber-Jabber”

Angela Ball's “Benevolent Workshop Power”

Leslee Becker's “Steal This Book”

Kelly Cherry “Writing Wrecks”

Bret Anthony Johnston's “The Crab Grass Question”

Anna Leahy's “Melding Form and Content”

Lance Olsen's “Re-learning Writing”

Julie Shigekuni's “Act Truly”

Steve Tomasula's “War of the Words”

Feature: Assaying the Essay

Steven G. Kellman reviews Leslie Fiedler's The Devil Gets His Due: The Uncollected Essays of Leslie Fiedler

Oliver Conant reviews ed. Benj DeMott's First of the Year: 2008

Jack Smith reviews DeWitt Henry's Safe Suicide: Narratives, Essays, and Meditations

Feature: Politics of Poetry

Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor reviews Maxine Kumin's Still to Mow

Joseph D. Haske reviews Ernesto Cardenal's Pluriverse: New and Selected Poems

Vanessa Place reviews bpNichol's The Alphabet Game: a bpNichol reader

John Domini reviews Raza Ali Hasan's 67 Mogul Miniatures

Book Reviews

W. Lawrence Hogue reviews Jeffery Renard Allen's Holding Pattern

Joyelle McSweeney reviews Forrest Gander's As a Friend

Stephen Burn reviews Evan Dara's The Easy Chain

Megan Milks reviews Jasper Pierce's Steal Stuff From Work

Corey Mesler reviews Peter Markus's Bob, or Man on Boat

Dave Kress reviews Davis Schneiderman and Don Meyer's Memorials to Future Catastrophes

Uppinder Mehan reviews Karline McLain's India's Immortal Comic Books: Gods, Kings, and Other Heroes

Robert Glick reviews Brian Evenson's Last Days

Terry Dalrymple reviews James Nolan's Perpetual Care

Charles Marowitz reviews Michael Holroyd's A Strange Eventual History: The Dramatic Lives of Ellen Terry, Henry Irving, and Their Remarkable Families

Darlin' Neal reviews Cary Holladay's A Fight in the Doctor's Office

Daniel Leary reviews Richard Tillinghast's Finding Ireland: A Poet's Explorations of Irish Literature and Culture

Scott Elliott reviews Greg Sanders's Motel Girl


Page 2--Jeffrey R. Di Leo's “Academic Book Culture in Transition”

Scenes--Spuyten Duyvil

Backlist--Harry Goldstein reviews Marc Kaminsky's Shadow Traffic


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