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Volume 31, Number 2
January/February 2010

Top 40 Bad Books

Introduction to Focus: Top 40 Bad Books

Top 40 Bad Books, contributions by Eyal Amiran, Sean Bernard, R.M. Berry, Michael Bérubé, Marc Bousquet, Nicholas Brown, Terry Caesar, John Domini, David B. Downing, Jonathan P. Eburne, Amy J. Elias, Dagoberto Gilb, Gerald Graff, Christine Granados, Carol Guess, Kim Herzinger, Walter R. Jacobs, Steven G. Kellman, Judith Kitchen, Tom LeClair, Sue-Im Lee, Sophia A. McClennen, John McGowan, Brian McHale, Paul Allen Miller, Christian Moraru, Daniel T. O’Hara, William A. O’Rourke, Marjorie Perloff, John D. Pizer, James Phelan, Liedeke Plate, Martin Riker, Kyle Schlesinger, Davis Schneiderman, James J. Sosnoski, Robyn Warhol-Down, Regina Weinreich, Bonnie Wheeler, and Zahi Zalloua

Feature: Contemporary European Fiction

Myrdene Anderson reviews Kerstin Ekman and trans. Linda Schenck's God’s Mercy

Dinda L. Gorlée reviews Bernard du Boucheron and trans. Hester Velmans' The Voyage of the Short Serpent

Jeff Bursey reviews Mati Unt and trans. Ants Eert's Diary of a Blood Donor

Book Reviews

Laird Hunt reviews Donald Breckenridge's You Are Here

Kass Fleisher reviews Akilah Oliver's A Toast in the House of Friends

Yevgeniya Traps reviews Philip Roth's The Humbling

Alexis Pauline Gumbs reviews ed. Joseph Beam's In the Life: A Black Gay Anthology

Jim Ruland reviews Edward Falco's Saint John of the Five Boroughs

Vilmos Voigt reviews William Marderness's How to Read a Myth

Jonathan Liebson reviews Skip Horack The Southern Cross

Christine Granados reviews Stephen D. Gutierrez's Live from Fresno y Los

Gerard J. van den Broek reviews Sarah Blaffer Hrdy's Mothers and Others: The Evolutionary Origins of Mutual Understanding

Mark Wallace reviews Davis Schneiderman's DIS (or, The Shadow of the Dome of Pleasure)

Matt Bell reviews Jim Tomlinson's Nothing Like an Ocean

CL Bledsoe reviews Dick Lourie's If the Delta Was the Sea

Frank Giampietro reviews Lucille Clifton's Voices

Matthew Brennan reviews Jerry Bradley's The Importance of Elsewhere

Haines Eason reviews Kiki Petrosino's Fort Red Border


Page 2—Jeffrey R. Di Leo's The Book Ladder

Scenes—BlazeVOX [books]


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