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Volume 31, Number 3
March/April 2010

Poetry without Walls

Kyle Schlesinger’s Introduction to Focus: Poetry without Walls

Thom Donovan’s Three Contemporary Activist Presses

Charles Bernstein reviews Tan Lin’s plagiarism/outsource, Notes Towards the Definition of Culture, Untilted Heath Ledger Project, a history of the search engine, disco OS

Rob Halpern reviews Michael Cross’s In Felt Treeling

Gregg Biglieri reviews Alan Bernheimer’s The Spoonlight Institute

Miles Champion reviews Tom Raworth’s There Are Few People Who Put On Any Clothes (starring it)

Michael Gizzi reviews Miles Champion‘s Eventually

William Corbett reviews Michael Gizzi’s New Depths of Deadpan

Alan Davies reviews Kit Robinson Train I Ride

Kit Robinson reviews Anne Tardos I Am You

Elizabeth Fodaski reviews Michael Gottlieb’s Memoir and Essay

Michael Gottlieb reviews K. Silem Mohammad’s The Front

Jenni Quilter reviews Vincent Katz and Francesco Clemente’s Alcuni Telefonini, Leslie Scalapino and Kiki Smith’s The Animal is in the World Like Water in Water, John Ashbery and Trevor Winkfield’s Faster Than Birds Can Fly, and Marjorie Welish and James Siena’s Oaths? Questions?

Marck L. Beggs reviews Keith Waldrop’s Several Gravities


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