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Volume 31, Number 4
May/June 2010


Ted Pelton’s “Introduction to Focus: A Company of Companies: Essential Micropress Reading”

“Essential Micropress Reading: The Publishers”—Action Books (Joyelle McSweeney and Johannes Göransson), Belladonna Books (Rachel Levitsky), BlazeVOX [books] (Geoffrey Gatza), Calamari Press (Derek White), Chiasmus Press (Lidia Yuknavitch), Counterpath Press (Julie Carr and Tim Roberts), Ellipsis Press (Eugene Lim), Fairy Tale Review Press (Kate Bernheimer), Les Figues Press (Vanessa Place and Teresa Carmody), Futurepoem (Dan Machlin), Mud Luscious Press (J. A. Tyler), Other Voices Books (Gina Frangello), Siglio Press (Lisa Pearson), and Slope Editions (Ethan Paquin)

“Essential Micropress Reading”

Feature: Jewish Identity

Abby Nance reviews Norah Labiner’s German for Travelers: A Novel in 95 Lessons

Doris Barkin reviews Walter Hess’s Jew’s Harp

Elaine Martin reviews Mimi Schwartz’s Good Neighbors, Bad Times: Echoes of My Father’s German Village

Book Reviews

Michael Czyzniejewski reviews ed. Michael Martone’s Not Normal, Illinois: Peculiar Fictions from the Flyover

Mary Pettice reviews Eula Biss’s Notes from No Man’s Land: American Essays

F. D. Reeve reviews Keith Waldrop’s Transcendental Studies: A Trilogy

Mike Ingram reviews Larry Fondation’s Unintended Consequences

Heather Treseler reviews Jacque Vaught Brogan’s ta(l)king eyes

Matt Kavanagh reviews Mark C. Taylor’s Field Notes from Elsewhere: Reflections on Dying and Living

Brad Vice reviews W. D. Wetherell’s Hills Like White Hills

Kathryn Pratt Russell reviews Farrah Field’s Rising and Terese Svoboda’s Weapons Grade

D. Matthew Ramsey reviews Emilie Bickerton’s A Short History of Cahiers du Cinéma

Laurel Blossom reviews Rusty Morrison’s the true keeps calm biding its story

Claudia Smith reviews ed. Tara L. Masih’s The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field

Dinda L. Gorlée reviews Juri Lotman’s Culture and Explosion

Marilyne Bertoncini reviews Emmanuel Moses’s He and I

John Domini reviews Sam Savage’s Cry of the Sloth


Page 2—Jeffrey R. Di Leo’s “Do Androids Dream of Anna Karenina?”

Scenes—Emergency Press


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