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Volume 31, Number 5
July/August 2010

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Matthew Roberson reviews eds. Fabrice Rozié, Esther Allen, and Guy Walter’s As You Were Saying: American Writers Respond to Their French Contemporaries

Laurel Blossom reviews Sabra Loomis's House Held Together by Winds

Brian Allen Carr reviews Cliff Hudder's Splinterville

Stephen Burn reviews ed. J. Peder Zane's The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books

Joan Frank reviews Valerie Miner's After Eden

J.D. Smith reviews George Witte's Deniability and Steven P. Schneider's Unexpected Guests

Tracy Daugherty reviews Vincent Craig Wright's Redemption Center

Lise Clavel reviews John Fulton's The Animal Girl

Tom Williams reviews Arnold Rampersad's Ralph Ellison: A Biography

George Held reviews Halvard Johnson's Organ Harvest with Entrance of Clones

Stephanie Eve Boone reviews Bob Sommer's Where the Wind Blew

Steven Wingate reviews Steve Katz's Antonello’s Lion

Kevin Prufer reviews Frederick Seidel's Ooga-Booga

Gary Lain reviews Mel Freilicher's The Unmaking of Americans: 7 Lives

Jean Braithwaite reviews Ander Monson's Neck Deep and Other Predicaments

Doug Nufer reviews Dominique Fitzpatrick-O’Dinn's Table of Forms

Thomas F. Dillingham reviews John Ridland's A Brahms Card Ballad: Poems Selected for Hungarians

Amy Eggert and Kass Fleisher review Michael Joyce's Was: annales nomadique/a novel of internet

Sascha Pöhlmann reviews Günter Grass's Peeling the Onion

Sheri Reda reviews Robert D. Sutherland's The Farringford Cadenza

Carol Niederlander reviews Bruce Bond's Blind Rain

Chet Kozlowski reviews Martin Golan's Where Things Are When You Lose Them

Matt Briggs reviews Carl Watson's The Hotel of Irrevocable Acts

Paula Koneazny reviews Alice Notley's In the Pines

Rob Schlegel reviews Joanna Klink's Circadian

Lynnell Edwards reviews Maurice Manning's Bucolics

Kara Mason reviews Pamela Thompson's Every Past Thing


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