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Volume 38, Number 1
November/December 2016

Native American Writing

Billy J. Stratton's Introduction to Focus: Native Literature Matters

Carrol Edelman Warrior reviews Hope Nicholson, ed., Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time

Scott Andrews reviews Tiffany Midge's The Woman Who Married a Bear

Jeanetta Calhoun Mish reviews Laura Dá's Tributaries

Mary Stoecklein reviews Karenne Wood's Weaving the Boundary

David J. Carlson reviews Denise Low's Jackalope

Billy J. Stratton reviews Stephen Graham Jones's Mongrels

Feature: This American Life

Sharon Olinka revies Anthony Costello, ed., Four American Poets

Emily P. Levin reviews Charley Henley's The Deep Code

Andrew S. Taylor reviews Hasanthika Sirisena's The Other One

Alex Luft reviews Gray Stewart's Haylow

Whitney Roberts Hill reviews George Williams's Inferno

Book Reviews

George Murphy reviews Robert Kramer's Wordglass

John Tytell reivews Martin Torgoff's Bop Apocalypse

Diane Goodman reviews Stéphane Mallarmé's Azure

Molly SPrayregen reviews Jericho Parms's Lost Wax

Kelly Cherry reviews Boris Dralyuk, ed., 1917

Eckhard Gerdes reviews Carla M. Wilson's Impossible Conversations

Angelo Verga reviews M.L. Liebler's I Want to Be Once

Aimee Parkison reviews Mary Cappello's Life Breaks In

Roch C. Smith reviews Judith Palmer and Ben Stoltzfus's Romoland

Marc Jampole reviews Andrew Epstein's Attention Equal Life

Jacob Singer reviews Eloy Urroz's The Family Interrupted

Karen Corinee Herceg reviews Richard Martin's Techniques in the Neighborhood of Sleep

Robert Young reviews Andrea Scarpino's What the Willow Said as It Fell

Ilka Scobie reviews Anne Whitehouse's Meteor Shower

Jorge Armenteros reviews Gina Frangello's Every Kind of Wanting

Jane Rosenberg LaForge reviews Thomas McGonigle's St. Patrick's Day


Page 2 -- Jeffrey R. Di Leo's "Blurbs in the Post-Truth Era"

Scenes -- A Midsummer Night's Press: An Interview with Lawrence Schimel


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