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Volume 22, Number 6
September/October 2001


FOCUS: Codework

Introduction: Codework
Alan Sondheim

McKenzie Wark

E_RUPTURE://Codework"."Serration in Electronic Literature
Talan Memmott

mezlllnetl!lzen - Net Fr!sson
Beatrice Beaubien

Xanadu, the Web, and a Little ZigZag
Belinda Barnet

Software Art and Writing
Florian Cramer, drafted with Ulrike Gabriel

FEATURE: With a Song in My Heart

Musical Anarchy
Jimmy Jazz reviews We Owe You Nothing: Punk Planet, the Collected Interviews edited by Daniel Sinker

Music Men
Charles Marowitz reviews Reading Lyrics edited by Robert Gottlieb and Robert Kimball

FEATURE: Outside In

Crazy Art
Emily Hall reviews Henry Darger: Art and Selected Writings by Michael Bonesteel

Out of Order
Doug Nufer reviews Raymond Roussel and the Republic of Dreams by Mark Ford

FEATURE: All Around the Town

Greenwich Village Becomes Literature
Leslie Schenk reviews The Villagers: A Novel of Greenwich Village by Edward Field and Neil Derrick

Cordon Bleu
George Held reviews Blue by Robert Long

Book Reviews

Out of Africa
Stephen Watson reviews The Picador Book of African Stories edited by Stephen Gray

Mamet, Myles, and Me
P.J. Rondinone reviews Cool for You: A Novel by Eileen Myles

Collected Kizer
Robert Peters reviews Cool, Calm, and Collected: Poems 1960-2000 by Carolyn Kizer

Open Wide: The Coming of Avant-Porn
Lidia Yuknavitch reviews What the Fuck: The Avant-Porn Anthology edited by Michael Hemmingson

Intimate Performance
Joseph Conte reviews The Body Artist by Don DeLillo

Fred Muratori reviews Revenants by Mark Nowak

The Pleasures of Snooping
Margaret Quamme reviews LIttle Tales of Family and War 1990-1999 by Martha King

Good Fences Make Bad Neighbors
Reamy Jansen reviews The Old American by Ernest Hebert

The British Eliot
Avrom Fleishman reviews Oxford Reader's Companion to George Eliot edited by John Rignall

Fringe Dwellers
Sean Thomas Dougherty reviews Not a Chance by Jessica Treat

Our Animals, Ourselves
Daniela Gioseffi reviews In Our Nature: Stories of Wildness edited by Donna Seaman

Dreaming History
Jeanne Lambert reviews The Anatolikon by John Ash

New Order in the Heavens
Marianne Hauser reviews The Twofold Vibration by Raymond Federman


Rants and Raves
Letter to the Editor

ABR: The Year in Review:
Index to Volume 22

"The Function of an Idiot-Identifier" by Richard Kostelanetz


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