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Volume 28, Number 2
January/February 2007

Focus: Anthologies on the Edge

Focus: Anthologies on the Edge

Jeffrey R. Di Leo’s “Introduction to Focus: Anthologies and Literary Landscapes”

Meta DuEwa Jones reviews eds. Aldon Lynn Nielsen and Lauri Ramey’s Every Goodbye Ain't Gone: An Anthology of Innovative Poetry by African Americans

Michael J. Martin reviews eds. Melvin Jules Bukiet and David G. Roskies’s Scribblers on the Roof: Contemporary American Jewish Fiction

Peter Bricklebank reviews ed. Peter Conners’s PP/FF: An Anthology

Mark Budman reviews eds. Rusty Morrison and Ken Keegan's ParaSpheres: Extending Beyond the Spheres of Literary Genre Fiction: Fabulist and New Wave Fabulist Stories; eds. Robert Shapard and James Thomas's New Sudden Fiction: Short-Short Stories from America and Beyond; eds. James Thomas and Robert Shapard’s Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories

Feature: Language Gaming

John Domini reviews Jeffrey DeShell’s Peter An (A)Historical Romance

Bradford Gray Telford reviews Tony Hoagland’s Real Sofistikashun: Essays on Poetry and Craft

Sam Truitt reviews Jacques Roubaud’s The Form of a City Changes Faster, Alas, Than the Human Heart

Susan M. Schultz reviews Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge’s I Love Artists: New and Selected Poems

Feature: Global Intelligence

Bruce King reviews Aparna Bhargava Dharwadker’s Theatres of Independence: Drama; Theory, and Urban Performance in India since 1947

David Anshen reviews Julien Gracq’s Reading Writing

Book Reviews

David Cowart reviews Richard Powers’s The Echo Maker

James Phelan reviews ed.Walter Jost’s The Essential Wayne Booth

Eric Miles Williamson reviews Steve Davenport’s Uncontainable Noise

Tom Pilkington reviews Cormac McCarthy’s The Road

Douglas Messerli reviews Toby Olson’s The Bitter Half

Vernon Frazer reviews ed. Jason Weiss’s Steve Lacy: Conversations

Anna Maria Hong reviews Nuala M. Archer’s Inch Aeons

Warren Woessner reviews Louis McKee’s Near Occasions of Sin

Jeffrey A. Sartain reviews Dustin Long’s Icelander

F.D. Reeve reviews Robert Siegel’s A Pentecost of Finches: New and Selected Poems

Linda Wagner-Martin reviews Robert Scholes’s Paradoxy of Modernism

Sarah J. Gardner reviews Christina Davis’s Forth a Raven

John Ferguson reviews Daniela Gioseffi’s Blood Autumn: Poems New and Selected

LindaAnn Loschiavo reviews Simon Louvish’s Mae West: It Ain't No Sin

José Skinner reviews Subcomandante Marcos and the Zapatistas’s The Other Campaign/La Otra Campaña: The Zapatista Call for Change from Below

Michael Leone reviews John Williams’s Stoner


Page2-From the Editors

Rants & Raves: Letter to the Editors

Backlist- Rhiannon Dickerson reviews Ned Balbo’s Lives of the Sleepers


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