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Volume 27, Number 5
July/August 2006

Focus: Poetics

Focus: Poetics

Joe Amato’s “Introduction to Focus: Poetics: Demonstrations For and Against”

Pierre Joris reviews Jed Rasula’s Syncopations

Andrew Levy reviews Aldon Lynn Nielsen's Integral Music

Sandy Baldwin reviews Adalaide Morris and Thomas Swiss’s New Media Poetics

Sheila E. Murphy reviews Kate Fagan’s “How2”

V. Nicholas LoLordo reviews Benjamin Friedlander's Simulcast and Peter Middleton’s Distant Reading

Michael Magee reviews Gerald L. Bruns’s The Material of Poetry

Mark McMorris reviews Rosmarie Waldrop's Dissonance and James Scully’s Line Break

Elizabeth Robinson reviews Susan M. Schultz’s A Poetics of Impasse in Modern and Contemporary American Poetry

Roger Mitchell reviews Michael Heller’s Uncertain Poetries

Alan Sondheim reviews Daniel Heller-Roazen’s Echolalias

Feature: Charting Fictions

Miranda F. Mellis reviews George Belden’s Land of the Snow Men

Kevin Finucane reviews Christopher Grimes’s Public Works

Holly L. Baumgartner reviews Nina Shope’s Hangings

Selah Saterstrom reviews Teresa Carmody’s Requiem

Feature: ItaliaMerica

Fred Gardaphé reviews Thomas J. Ferraro’s Feeling Italian

Thomas DePietro reviews Frank Lentricchia’s The Book of Ruth


Nikki Widner’s “Show:. Twenty Years of Granary Books”

Sara M. Larsen’s Staples: Scott Inguito's lection

Kyle Kaufman’s “'Vent: Small Press Traffic's Poets Theater Jamboree”

Michael Joyce’s Blog:

Book Reviews

Stuart Moulthrop reviews N. Katherine Hayles's My Mother Was a Computer and Jesper Juul’s Half-Real

Stacey Levine reviews Richard Kalich’s Charlie P

Kevin Killian reviews Douglas A. Martin’s They Change the Subject

Laura Wright reviews Linh Dinh’s American Tatts

John Domini reviews Susan Wheeler’s Record Palace

Bruce King reviews Arun Kolatkar’s Jejuri

Mark DuCharme reviews Tosa Motokiyu’s Also, With My Throat, I Shall Swallow Ten Thousand Swords

Lauren Pretnar reviews Charles Marowitz’s How to Stage a Play, Make a Fortune, Win a Tony, and Become a Theatrical Icon

Davis Schneiderman reviews John Geiger’s Nothing Is True Everything Is Permitted

Patrick Pritchett reviews Jorie Graham’s Overlord

Matt Samet reviews Elizabeth Block’s A Gesture Through Time

Carl Glenn reviews Charles C. Mann’s 1491

Catherine Daly reviews Anne Carson’s Decreation

Facets: Aesthetics

Steve Tomasula reviews Eduardo Kac’s Telepresence and Bio Art

Martin Patrick reviews Carl Andre’s Cuts

Facets: And Furthermore …

R M Berry Answers Joseph Tabbi

Joseph Tabbi Answers R M Berry


Page 2- From the Editors

Backlist-Chris Murray reviews George Kalamaras’s Even the Java Sparrows Call Your Hair


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