American Book Review

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Volume 13, Number 3
August/September 1991

Focus: Fusion Texts


GATHERING OF RINGERS by Richer Kostelanetz


BREAKING SILENCE: Leslie Loomis Vansen reviews Meret Oppenheim by Bice Curiger


GURU OF THE INTERVIEW: Lance Olsen reviews Across the Wounded Galaxies: Interviews with Contemporary American Science Fiction Writers, conducted and edited by Larry McCaffery

THRASH AND HACK: Scott Bukatman reviews Slam by Lewis Shiner

LIKE HOLY FIRE: Mark Jay Mirsky reviews The Book of Shares by Edmond Jab├Ęs

GHOST NOTEBOOK: J.P. White reviews My Secret Boat by Michael Burkard

INFRANGIBLE LOATHINGS: Dawn Kolokithas reviews The Inveterate Life by Jessica Grim, Turn Left in Order to Go Right by Norman Fischer, and art facts: a book of contexts by bpNichol

SPLIT SCREEN: Joseph Ferguson reviews Public Eye: An Investigation into the Disappearance of the World by Brian Fawcett

DOWNTOWN VOICES: Regina Weinreich reviews Walking through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black by Cookie Mueller and If You're a Girl by Ann Rower


SPEAKING OF THE WOE: David Simpson reviews Signs of the Times by David Lehman

NO POINT OF ENTRY: Sarah Blalce reviews Operation Memory by David Lehman


SALMAN SAYS: David L. Ulin reviews Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie

A FEMINIST THURBER: Julia Stein reviews Carmen Dog and Verging on the Pertinent by Carol Emshwiller


WORKING AGAINST STEREOTYPE: John Casey reviews Mean Spirit by Linda Hogan

UNSETTLING FICTIONS: Rikki Ducornet reviews Trigger Dance by Diane Glancy


NEWTS AND MUSKRATS: Reg Saner reviews Nature Writing and America by Peter A. Fritzell

LITERARY SYNCOPATION: Alan Davis reviews Jacob's Son by Will Barrett and The Best of the West 2 and The Best of the West 3, edited by James Thomas and Denise Thomas

IDEAS REDUCED TO TONES: Kenneth Warren reviews Seeing America First by Nathaniel Tarn and Outlying Districts by Anselm Hollo

MIDLIFE BOOKS: Bill Tremblay reviews Making Our Own Rules: New and Selected Poems by Michael Hogan and Who Will Know Us? New Poems by Gary Soto

HUMAN ACCOMMODATIONS: Paul Oppenheimer reviews The Past, the Future, the Present: Poems Selected and New by Reed Whittemore

OUR OWN BUTCHERS: Fred Moramarco reviews Beautiful Mutants by Deborah Levy and Animal lnstincts by Carla Harryman

ADOLESCENT MYSTICISM: William Mooney reviews Cannibal Kiss by Daniel Odier

LOOSE BAGGY MONSTER: Susan M. Schultz reviews Conversant Essays: Contemporary Poets on Poetry, edited by James McCorkle

THE POET INSCRIBES HIMSELF: Burt Kimmelman reviews Objects of Thought: Attempts at Speech by Leonard Schwartz

CHANCE AS A NARRATIVE FORCE: Ben Stoltzfus reviews Corridor by Michael Krekorian

TORNADO BREEZE: Sarah Gorham reviews Awake by Dorianne Laux and The Same Water by Joan Murray

NEW YORK STEW: Don Skiles reviews Panic Blood by Catherine Texier

MADMAN OR BEMUSED FATHER: Gardner McFall reviews Field Trips on the Rapid Transit by Jack Anderson and The Big Something by Ron Padgett


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