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Volume 30, Issue 3
March/April 2009

Amy Eggert and Kass Fleisher review Michael Joyce's Was: annales nomadique/a novel of internet

Matt Briggs reviews Carl Watson's The Hotel of Irrevocable Acts

Brian Allen Carr reviews Magdalena Zurawski's The Bruise

Jeff Bursey reviews Micheline Aharonian Marcom's The Mirror in the Well

J.D. Smith reviews George Witte's Deniability and Steven P. Schneider's Unexpected Guests

Laurel Blossom reviews Sabra Loomis's House Held Together by Winds


Volume 30, Issue 2
January/February 2009

Stephanie Eve Boone reviews Bob Sommer's Where the Wind Blew

Ned Balbo reviews Alessandra Lynch's It was a terrible cloud at twilight

Paul D'Agostino reviews Amy L. Clark, Elizabeth Ellen, Kathy Fish, and Claudia Smith's A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness: Four Chapbooks of Short Short Fiction by Four Women

Carol Niederlander reviews Bruce Bond's Blind Rain

Andrew Kozma reviews Timothy Green's American Fractal

L. Timmel Duchamp reviews Leslie What's Crazy Love


Volume 30, Issue 1
November/December 2008

Rick Flynn reviews James P. White's I Am Everyone I Meet

Henry Grinberg reviews Paul Pines's My Brother's Madness

Sheri Reda reviews Robert D. Sutherland's The Farringford Cadenza

Brian Allen Carr reviews Cliff Hudder's Splinterville

Danny Rivera reviews M. L. Liebler's Wide Awake in Someone Else's Dream

Chet Kozlowski reviews Martin Golan's Where Things Are When You Lose Them


Volume 29, Issue 6
September/October 2008

Paula Koneazny reviews Alice Notely's In the Pines

Gary Lain reviews Mel Freilicher's The Unmaking of Americans: 7 Lives

Fred Muratori reviews Eileen R. Tabios's The Light Sang As It Left Your Eyes: Our Autobiography

George Held reviews Halvard Johnson's Organ Harvest with Entrance of Clones

Lise Clavel reviews John Fulton's The Animal Girl

Rob Schlegel reviews Joanna Klink's Circadian

Kara Mason reviews Pamela Thompson's Every Past Thing

Dave Stevens reviews Michael Horovitz's A New Waste Land: Timeship Earth at Nillennium


Volume 29, Issue 5
July/August 2008

Matthew Roberson reviews eds. Fabrice Rozié, Esther Allen, and Guy Walter's As You Were Saying: American Writers Respond to Their French Contemporaries

Bruce Holsapple reviews Philip Whalen's The Collected Poems of Philip Whalen

Sam Truitt reviews Hannah Weiner's Hannah Weiner's Open House

Kirby Olson reviews Tony Trigilio's Allen Ginsberg's Buddhist Poetics

Amber Dermont reviews eds. Stephanie Fiorelli, Adam Koehler, and Andrew Palmer's Avery: An Anthology of New Fiction

Gabriel Cutrufello reviews Richard Katrovas's The Years of Smashing Bricks: An Anecdotal Memoir

Stephen Burn reviews ed. J. Peder Zane's The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books

Marilyn Kallet reviews Ellen Bass's The Human Line


Volume 29, Issue 4
May/June 2008

Lynnell Edwards reviews Maurice Manning's Bucolics

Chad Parmenter reviews Scott Cairns's Short Trip to the Edge: Where Earth Meets HeavenA Pilgrimage

Joan Frank reviews Valerie Miner's After Eden

Richard Kostelanetz reviews Kitasono Katue's Oceans Beyond Monotonous Space: Selected Poems of Kitasono Katue

James A. Lee reviews Paul West's Sheer Fiction, Volumes IIV

Louis McKee reviews Gordon Ball's Dark Music

Annette Gilson reviews Elise Blackwell's The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish

Thomas F. Dillingham reviews John Ridland's A Brahms Card Ballad: Poems Selected for Hungarians


Volume 29, Issue 3
March/April 2008

John W. Maerhofer reviews Chandler Brossard's Over the Rainbow? Hardly: Collected Short Seizures

Bryan Brower reviews Paul Ruffin's The Segovia Chronicles

Sascha Pöhlmann reviews Günter Grass's Peeling the Onion

Tracy Daugherty reviews Vincent Craig Wright's Redemption Center

Horace L. Fairlamb reviews Robert N. Bellah's The Robert Bellah Reader

Thomas S. Williams reviews Arnold Rampersad's Ralph Ellison: A Biography

Rochelle Ratner reviews Thomas E. Kennedy's A Passion in the Desert

Jean Braithwaite reviews Ander Monson's Neck Deep and Other Predicaments


Volume 29, Issue 2
January/February 2008

Steven Wingate reviews Steve Katz's Antonello's Lion

Ryan J. Davidson reviews Doug Van Gundy's A Life Above Water

Kevin Prufer reviews Frederick Seidel's Ooga-Booga

Doug Nufer reviews Dominique Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn's Table of Forms

Corinne Robins reviews eds. Maura Reilly and Linda Nochlin's Global Feminisms: New Directions in Contemporary Art

Uppinder Mehan reviews Eric Dregni and Johnathan Dregni's Follies of Science: 20th Century Visions of Our Fantastic Future


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Volume 38, Issue 1

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Volume 37, Issue 6

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Volume 37, Issue 5

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Volume 37, Issue 4


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