Articles appearing in the Victoria Advocate and other publications with reference to ABR and the UHV/ABR Reading Series. The list is ordered by most recent date.

2015 News

Author dispels false truths in History Channel miniseries (12/3/15)

Never give up, especially in Texas (12/2/15)

Author seeks to capture American pioneer spirit through writing (12/2/15)

UHV/American Book Review Reading Series announces spring lineup (11/21/15)

Author shares surreal reflections on being mother, child (11/5/15)

Finding words that capture fleeting beauty of experience (11/4/15)

Brown literary professor to read at UHV (11/2/15)

Novelist shares stories written with musical influence (10/24/15)

Texas State poet shares love for Gullah culture (10/15/15)

A poet most travelled to read at UHV (10/11/15)

ABR speaker talks comics (9/24/15)

Comics series editor to discuss medium's art, history (9/22/15)

American Book Review author discusses struggle between identities (8/31/15)

Fall UHV/ABR Reading Series underway (8/30/15)

Author discusses dualities within African-American culture (8/30/15)

UHV announces fall ABR series author lineup (7/12/15)

Poet finishes off 2015 spring reading series (4/23/15)

Alice Notley revels in poetics of disobedience (4/22/15)

Author brings urban poetry to reading series (4/19/15)

UHV, ABR author's debut novel tells family story (3/28/15)

Author portrays history through characters (3/12/15)

The versatile landscapes of Stephen Harrigan's prose (3/10/15)

UHV/ABR writer Stephen Harrigan tells stories connected to Texas (3/9/15)

Author shares stories reflective of fatherhood (2/19/15)

Writer's work is like a shot of adrenaline (2/18/15)

ABR author Stephen Jones straddles many genres (2/15/15)

Being Flynn author inspires young writers with humor, tragedy (2/11/15)

Nick Flynn's works examnine self, society (2/10/15)

Poet to bring love of interaction to UHV/ABR Reading Series (1/31/15)

2014 News

UHV/American Book Review releases spring 2015 series lineup (12/12/14)

Former UH System regent to gift home to UHV (ABR Reading Series mention) (11/12/14)

Author mixes Spanish culture in his storytelling (11/6/14)

Answers from the borders between (11/5/14)

Author explores contradictions in South Texas through stories (10/26/14)

Single images inspire short story subjects for author (10/14/14)

Author says take pride in your state (9/26/14)

Reading series author champions regional literature (9/25/14)

Author brings appreciation for regional literature to Reading Series (9/24/14)

Nicolas Kanellos starts American Book Review Series (9/5/14)

Book series' speaker preserves culture, history (9/3/14)

Renowned Hispanic literacy publisher to open fall UHV/ABR reading series (9/2/14)

Walker family donates $250,000 to name UHV's auditorium (ABR Reading Series mention) (8/23/14)

UHV announces fall American Book Review series author lineup (7/27/14)

Author reads from memoir, inspires others to follow suit (w/video) (4/24/14)

Editor's column: Journalists must guard against perpetuating stereotypes (4/23/14)

Centro Victoria: Letter to the Editor - Newspaper should apologize for illustration (4/23/14)

Author no stranger to honest, important writing (4/22/14)

Author to read from book optioned for HBO series (4/21/14)

Author Scott Russell Sanders reads stories from 'Ordinary Wealth' (w/video) (3/27/14)

ABR author examines life, nature in essays (3/26/14)

Author Scott Sanders aims to preserve environment for future generations (3/23/14)

Alex Espinoza discusses 'The Five Acts of Diego Leon' as part of ABR (w/video) (3/6/14)

Author describes rocky road to Hollywood (3/5/14)

Author Alex Espinoza speaking at American Book Review series Thursday (3/3/14)

Author provides insight on assimilation in Southern California (w/video) (2/20/14)

Author shares crossing cultures in Crossroads (2/19/14)

Author writes about the culture of assimilation (w/audio) (2/16/14)

ABR author gives expressive reading of work from memory (w/video) (1/30/14)

Speaker shares explorations of identity (1/29/14)

ABR author uses stories to talk about maternal families, feminism, fish (w/audio) (1/27/14)

2013 News

Author uses wordplay, humor in poetry, prose (11/21/2013)

Speaker is patron of Texas letters (11/19/2013)

Poet laureate writes about what's happening around Texas (audio) (11/17/2013)

Author shares poetry at UHV (video) (11/7/2013)

ABR poet's award-winning work changes reader (11/5/2013)

Poet says reading should be a physical experience (audio) (11/3/2013)

Author uses his 'sense for the supernatural' (video) (10/17/2013)

For the love of his craft, author left Mormon Church (audio) (10/15/2013)

Poet laureate praises UHV's literary diversity (video) (9/20/13)

First Latina poet laureate of Texas to read at UHV (audio) (9/16/13)

Fantasy writer opens UHV's American Book Review (video) (9/6/13)

Advocate Editorial Board opinion: Author's return to area is exciting for all (9/4/13)

Author with Victoria roots returns to read at UHV (audio) (9/2/13)

Metamodernism, or the Twilight of Postmodernism (from Observator Cultural #691, in Romanian) (Sept. 2013)

UHV/ABR Reading Series to begin eighth year (8/3/13)

American Book Review poet talks about his craft (Video) (4/26/13)

Author focuses on dark stories from within (Audio) (4/22/13)

ABR Author mixed culture with humor in writing (video) (4/11/13)

Author Cristina Garcia next ABR speaker (4/8/13)

Author relays challenges of writing, love for his hometown (3/22/13)

Author uses facts to create award-winning fiction (3/19/13)

Author brings dark tone to ABR reading (video) (2/22/13)

ABR Series: Manny's fortunate monsters (audio) (2/18/13)

Author shares passion for poetry (Video) (1/31/13)

Arab-American poet learns to speak out (Audio) (1/28/13)

2012 News

Reading series author Jake Adam York dies at 40 (Video and audio) (12/17/12)

Civil rights poet shares memories (video) (11/29/12)

Author explores murders unknown, to read at UHV (audio) (11/26/12)

Author's photos from home familiar to Latinos (video) (11/8/12)

Author brings memories of growing up on the border to Victoria (11/4/12)

American Book Review announces authors for 2013 Spring Reading Series (11/3/12)

Author Mat Johnson shares writing, life story (video) (10/10/12)

ABR author credits failure for success in life (10/7/12)

Local reading series, a diamond in the rough (10/2/12)

VC/UHV Banned Books Week to focus on censored books (9/29/12)

Essayist and poet reads at UHV (video) (9/27/12)

Paisley Rekdal up next at ABR series (9/24/12)

Author says writing is like sculpting (9/13/12)

Advocate Editorial Board opinion: Thank you for bringing culture to Victoria (9/12/12)

Author Steve Tomasula kicks off UHV's ABR Fall Reading Series (9/10/12)

UHV announces lineup for ABR Reading Series (8/11/12)

UHV employees contribute nearly $100,000 to university programs, scholarships (7/28/12)

Gifted writers on UHV faculty team up for new creative writing program (7/7/12)

Poet closes out sixth year of ABR series (4/26/12)

Ivy League professor Robert Coover visits UHV (4/5/12)

American Book Review celebrates 50th speaker with Robert Coover (4/2/12)

Author takes audience on journey of despair and revenge (3/8/12)

Versatile author to read at reading series (3/6/12)

Author explores the truth of war stories (2/16/12)

Author to speak about combat in Vietnam (2/13/12)

Social movements of '60s and '70s illuminate importance of ethnic studies at ABR reading (1/26/12)

ABR speaker explores social movements of '60s and '70s (1/23/12)

2011 News

Scholar tells funny, frustrating stories of editors and writers (12/1/11)

ABR reader expert on Beat Generation of writers (11/28/11)

Poetry readings incite audience emotions (11/3/11)

ABR speaker brings poetry, activism and network to Crossroads (10/31/11)

Photographer finds passion in homeless portraits, inspires others in ABR series (10/13/11)

Next UHV/ABR speaker captures character through his camera (10/10/11)

Author reads from her new novel at the American Book Review readings series (9/22/11)

Author looks through veils of lies at ABR reading series (9/19/11)

Davis Schneiderman, author, multimedia artist (9/1/11)

Multimedia artist, writer promotes work in unusual ways (8/28/11)

UHV announces American Book Review lineup (8/20/11)

Thanks extended for successful Pachanga (4/29/11)

ABR speaker offers perspectives on Mexican-American literature (4/21/11)

Director shares his life story, dispenses advice to Victoria community (4/20/11)

Final ABR speaker coincides with Community Pachanga (4/18/11)

Author to deliver UHV commencement speech (4/16/11)

College Q&A: UHV invites community to 'pachanga' (4/16/11)

Centro Victoria to welcome top talent in community 'pachanga' (4/2/11)

ABR speaker draws from Deep South experiences for writing (3/7/11)

Visiting author leads fairy tale revival (2/17/11)

Freshman getting first-hand exposure to literature (2/14/11)

Life is a 'fairy tale' for next UHV/ABR speaker (2/14/11)

Poet brings multiple talents to UHV reading series (2/9/11)

New English curriculum exposes students to more diverse authors (2/8/11)

New York-based multimedia artist will speak at UHV (2/6/11)

ABR spring reading series begins with author Jayne Anne Phillips (1/26/11)

2010 News

UHV dean releases book on innovative, influential late author (12/11/10)

UHV announces American Book Review spring reading series lineup (12/4/10)

Bronte Club Meets (11/19/10)

Flash fiction writer Amelia Gray to speak at ABR series (10/18/10)

Author brings writing experience, expertise to UHV (10/3/10)

Guest column: Hudson accomplished mammoth amount of progress (9/29/10)

Starting a new era for a four-year university (8/27/10)

American Book Review announces fall reading series lineup (8/15/10)

UHV American Book Review literary journal names four new asociate editors (6/26/10)

UHV announces book contest winners (6/26/10)

Fiction Collective Two names book contest winners (6/19/10)

American Book Review speaker discusses experimental writing (10/21/10)

Sock it to me: Crazy socks abound at American Book Review event (9/23/10)

American Book Review speaker finds joy in young adult genre (9/20/10)

American Book Review series kicks off with creative writing guru (8/30/10)

American Book Review: Critic, writer returns to novel roots (3/25/10)

Where fact meets fiction: ABR speaker discusses new book (3/8/10)

2009 News

American Book Review announces authors for Spring Reading Series (12/19/09)

ABR speaker debuts new novel (10/1/09)

How to become a 'millionaire' at writing (9/3/09)

Acclaimed author new professor of Latino studies at UHV (9/2/09)

UHV launches first publishing master's degree this fall in Southern U.S. (8/18/09)

The University of Houston-Victoria will add another publishing enterprise in the fall (8/1/09)

American Book Review going online (6/20/09)

UHV announces fall reading series (6/20/09)

American Book Review adds rich insight to current topics (5/4/09)

Chicana author encourges young writers to read other works to learn craft (4/30/09)

Chicana final reading series speaker (4/26/09)

Writing 101 with the master (3/30/09)

UHV offers international education (3/23/09)

Renowned poetry critic kicks off reading series (1/13/09)

That's one 'world-class' group of writers (1/5/09)

Speaker Encourages Cell Phone Use at ABR Reading Series (2/20/09)

Writing Outside the Lines (2/17/09)

What's in a Name? Literature Might Have an Answer (2/10/09)

ABR receives second grant from NEA (1/29/09)

Literature Brings Students "Closer" to Life (1/23/09)

American Book Review Series Kick-Off (1/18/09)

Unlikely Haven for Humanities Publishing (1/08/09)

Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Di Leo in regards to upcoming reading event (1/08/09)

2008 News

Listening to Life: Antonya Nelson (11/08)

Inimitable Writer Visits Victoria: Antonya Nelson (11/24/08)

Noted Author, Poet Visits UHV for book review series: Mark Doty (10/22/08)

Award Winning Poet to Speak at Book Review (10/18/08)

UHV President Co-Founds International Fiction Prize (10/16/08)

The Story Behind Immigration (9/08/08)

Fall Reading Series Kicks Off at UHV (8/28/08)

Short Story Master: Kim Herzinger (8/26/08)

Pushcart Prize-Winning Author Begins UHV/ABR Fall Reading (8/21/08)

UHV Announces ABR Lineup (8/03/08)

ABR Announces Visiting Authors for Fall (7/31/08)

ABR, Against Gravity (4/20/08)

Welcome to the Future of Literature (4/04/08)

UHV Rec. First Grant from the NEA (4/03/08)

Forget “Cookie Cutter” Fiction! Read Something Different (3/30/08)

American Book Review features Pulitzer Prize Winner David Oshinsky (3/27/08)

Creative Fiction Takes Center Stage in the UHV/ABR Spring (3/24/08)

Pulitzer Winner Speaks on Polio in the Past (2/29/08)

Polio: An American Story (2/24/08)

Q & A-Academic Publications at UHV (2/17/08)

Them Low-Down Delta-Writin' Blues (1/25/08)

A Walk Through the Land of the Delta Blues (1/20/08)

2007 News

Beautiful Endings American Book Review (12/29/07)

American Book Review 2007 Series Ends (11/18/07)

Pulitzer-Nominated Poet to Speak at UHV (11/14/07)

Phillips Pens Eclectic Collection of Poetry (11/14/07)

'Frank' A Frolic in the Study of Words (10/24/07)

Publisher and Novelist R. M. Berry is Featured Speaker (9/21/07)

Author Dagoberto Gilb Traces His Writer's Journey (9/21/07)

From The Story 'Mayela One Day In 1989' (9/16/07)

American Book Review Adds New Cultural Element to UHV (8/28/07)

A Voice in Women's Literature Indian Author Featured (8/26/07)

Novelist Decries 'Fiction as Entertainment' at UHV Discussion (4/18/07)

'Surfictionist' Speaks at UHV and Public Library (4/14/07)

Mississippi Poet Reflects On Trip To Castro's Cuba (3/7/07)

How To Write A Novel In Less Than 10 Years (2/2/07)

Prize Winning Writer will Speak at UHV event (1/31/07)

ABR Reading Series at UHV Features Award Winning (1/24/07)

Beautiful Endings (12/29/07)

Author Gives Insight Into Book Award Process (11/11/07)

2006 News

University of Houston-Victoria President Wants To Go Global (11/11/06)

Novelist, Critic to Speak at UHV on Friday (11/07/06)

UHV Offering Online Courses for Austin Students Degree (9/15/06)

Graciela Limon Visits UHV Famous Author Gives Reading (9/14/06)

Award-Winning Journal Moving To Univ. of Houston-Victoria (9/11/06)

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