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DATE: Thursday  2/21/2013

TIME: Noon to 1:00 p.m.

PLACE: University of Houston-Victoria, Alcorn Auditorium (UW 204)

Manuel Martinez


SPEAKER: Manuel  Martinez

Martinez is a novelist, literary critic and college professor. The author of Crossing, Drift and Day of the Dead, his fiction writing primarily is about the lives of Mexican Americans and Mexican immigrants. He often explores the themes of contemporary urban life, migration and dislocation in his work. A San Antonio native, Martinez is a professor of American and Chicano literature at Ohio State University in Columbus, and was recently inducted into the Texas Institute of Letters.


Crossing (1998)

Drift (2003)

Day of the Dead (2009)

Countering the Counterculture: Rereading Postwar American Dissent from Jack Kerouac to Tomás Rivera (2003)

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