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DATE: Thursday  1/28/2016

TIME: Noon to 1:00 p.m.

PLACE: University of Houston-Victoria, Alcorn Auditorium (UW 204)

Rikki Ducornet

SPEAKER: Rikki  Ducornet

The author of over twenty books: nine novels, three collections of short fiction as well as essays and poetry, Rikki Ducornet has received numerous awards including the Lannan Literary Award for Fiction, The Bard College Award in Arts and Letters, and an Academy Award in Literature. The Jade Cabinet, published by Dalkey Archive, was a finalist for the National Book Critics' Circle. Her novels are widely published abroad. Many of her books are available from Dalkey, including the recently republished: The Fountains of Neptune, "a remarkable feat of the imagination."



The Stain (1984)

Entering Fire (1986)

The Fountains of Neptune (1992)

The Jade Cabinet (1993)

Phosphor in Dreamland (1995)

The Fan-Maker's Inquisition (1999)

Gazelle (2003)

Netsuke: a novel (2011)

Short fiction collections

The Butcher's Tales (1980)

The Complete Butcher's Tales (1994)

The Word 'Desire' (1997)

The One Marvelous Thing (2008)


From The Star Chamber (as "Rikki") (1974)

Wild Geraniums (1975)

Bouche a Bouche by Guy Ducornet & Rikki (1975)

Weird Sisters (as "Rikki") (1976)

Knife Notebook (as "Rikki") (1977)

The Illustrated Universe (as "Rikki")(1979)

The Cult of Seizure (1989)

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